Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Fructmal Story!!!

Why fructose malabsorption is relatively unknown is both a mystery and interesting to me.  My crew of doctors, dieticians, naturalopaths and my gastroenterologist has never mentioned anything to me about it.  Neither has my hypnotist or my acupuncturist (who is a M.D. himself and treats IBS).  I have had a colonoscopy, upper and lower barium enemas, balloon testing, SIBO breath tests, stool tests, allergy tests, e. choli. testing, breath tests, blood tests, acupuncture and hypnotism.  I have done colon cleanses – many of them.  I have gone on antidepressants.  Most doctors think it is all in your head.  Nothing worked.  Even when I did not eat I would get sick.  Yes I tried that too.  I fasted several times for one whole week and also fasted for three days three times a year.  I was trying to clean out my system – restart the computer.  I took herbs to combat parasites and herbs to combat candida albicans.  I tried several different dietary approaches.  I went on a diet once of no meat, no wheat, no sugar and no dairy.  While it did improve my energy level and I lost ten pounds from moving so much, I still had awful stomach and digestive disturbances that greatly affected the quality of my life.  I tried veganism and vegetarianism.  I tried eating one meal a day.  I tried Metamucil, Acacia fiber, digestive enzymes, beano, prebiotics, several different kinds of probiotics, aloe vera juice, so called natural laxative such as smooth moves tea, senna and cascara (very dangerous – you will develop a dependency).  I had run out of options and I was told that my symptoms might not go away.  One out of five people I was told.  Where are they I would wonder, hiding out in their house like I’ve been?  Some people actually have their gallbladders removed to improve their digestive systems.  Usually this makes things worse.  Unless you have gallstones, it rarely will be the cause of your discomfort and once it is gone it is gone.
Everyone knows about lactose intolerance, which creates very similar symptoms as fructose malabsoption.  Wheat and gluten are gaining acknowledgement for causing an array of destruction in certain (shall we say) sensitive individuals.  It seams we are running out of safe food to eat.  Is it something we are doing as a species to spoil all our food – GMO’s, aspartame, chem. Trails, fluoride in our water, vaccines, chlorine in our water, high fructose corn syrup?  Is it years of accumulation of toxins in our body starting to show themselves through disease, fatigue and general discomfort.  I do not know but what I am aware of is that I have healed myself in one month of my diagnosis of depression and irritable bowel syndrome that the doctors had no answer for.  I searched high and low, books upon books, surfed for hours trying to find relief.  And then one day something magical happened and suddenly everything made sense.  By finding a diagnosis myself, a diagnosis that fit all my symptoms to a T,this  I then knew how to treat my condition and get better.  The doctors who patted me on the back and wished me luck, well, I appreciate their energy.  I was not about to accept that the disgust of excessive gas, depression and humiliation as my fate.  I had tried everything with little help.  The helplessness seamed endless.  I can say many good things came about from this battle with food.  I certainly learned a lot.  I found the true authentic self with in me.  Isolation can be a very good thing. 
 My vision and intention  in writing this is that more people will become aware of fructose malabsorption, both what it is and how to treat it.  In raising awareness of fructose malabsorption I believe that many people suffering will be able to improve the quality of their lives.  There is much research still being conducted and studied regarding malabsorption and its role in health.  After struggling with IBS for nearly a decade I decided to cure myself and get to the root of my problem if I could just find out what the problem was.  The quality of my life was greatly affected by fructose malabsorption before I knew that that was the problem and how to successfully manage it.  I have found a renewed hope and love of both life and myself now that I have the information available in how to eat properly.  I feel everyone should know as much about fructose malabsoption as I do.  It is exciting to finally know, first hand, that through dietary changes the quality of life of so many can be affected and greatly improved.  Before the discovery fructose malabsorption, the diagnosis was usually irritable bowel syndrome.  There seamed to be no organic changes to identify IBS and it was classified as a functional bowel disorder with no known cure and little guidance for treatment.

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  1. thanks for your story! would love to hear more details, too - which food seemed to have given you the most trouble? which food touted as healthy seems to be the worst in practice? how long did it take for symptoms to go away? if you slip up, how long does the onset of symptoms last for?

    what's eating out like for you nowadays?

    thanks for sharing your experience, so glad you figured it out!

  2. Fruit gives me a lot of trouble, especially cherries. Wheat is a huge offender for me. I stay away from wheat, although many fructmals can handle a small amount. I used to eat a mainly vegan diet, with a steak or some chicken here and there. My diet was loaded with "good for you" fruits and veggies. I took multivitamins and was an avid follower of current and ancient health tips. I ate brown rice, never white. Many have stated the importance of choosing brown rice over white. This has been taught for years. I thought white rice was bad for me, so I never ate it. Turns out that is the only safe food I can eat, without question. Instant minute white rice. I flavor it with sea salt, sometimes cayenne pepper. It is the foundation of all that I eat. I eat minute rice everyday. The best way to start eating for FM is to start on a white rice diet. Yes, only eat white rice. The kind from a box. I once ate white minute rice in a plastic bag. You put the bag in a pot of boiling water and cook it that way. It gave me great stomach pain. I buy minute white rice in a box. It is what works and I stick to that. Once you are on the white rice diet you can then begin to test other foods. There is sometimes a delay in symptoms and it takes roughly a few days to get something you ate out of your system. I eat a lot of white rice noodles also.

    Eating out ... hhmm ... Usually I pack a lunch or order light. I can sometimes find something on the menu that I can have, but not always. I try to plan ahead and check out the menu before arriving. Many restaurants are now offer gluten free items. Sometimes you can work with that somehow. Creative thinking is a must.

    The diet is limited but well worth it because you feel so great on it and usually lose weight too.

  3. Thanks for this, another good blog to let people know about when they say 'fructose what?' :)

  4. I was just diagnosed with celiac. The moment the tests came back positive for celiac my gastroenterologist asked me to schedule a test for fructose malabsorption. I had never heard of it, so here I am looking around the blogosphere, and I ran across your blog. I don't know yet that I have the condition - the test is next week. I've certainly never had the drastic symptoms people describe. But I never had many symptoms for celiac, either, just anemia and some mild digestive issues I put down to meds or pms or whatever. I'm grateful my doctors knew about this stuff, because it sounds like a lot don't. More people know about celiac now, so maybe someday there will be a similar growing awareness of fructose malabsorption. I'm glad there are bloggers like you out here giving first-hand accounts.

  5. I went through the same thing and it was just awful. No one listened to me, nor seamed to care for that matter. I had awful stomach and bowel issues which isolated me from life. I have just now began to feel better on the FODMAP diet.

  6. I, too, have discovered the misery that is fructose mal. I always had stomach issues and doctors just told my mom I had a "sensitive stomach"
    That's all ya got? Come on, MDs...

    Once I went vegan, I thought it was odd that I was still having issues.. Then I reduced fiber (since I know that can cause people issues) and it didn't help. Finally we did the boring diet and played elimination.
    Yup. I'm fructmal.
    A vegan that can't eat fruit.. how awesome. Apples are my biggest offender. Luckily I'm good with citrus! But the moment I give in to the wheat, I end up with several canker sores and all the rest of the fun symptoms. yay.... lol

    Thanks for starting a blog to help awareness! Maybe in this way, more people will not have to think that they are just "sensitive" as well.